Friday, May 12, 2006

Early-Elementary Mandatory Supplies

List of mandatory early-elementary classroom supplies:
bandaids and neosporin (even if there are no falls, you'll use a bunch -- they like to pick at bug bites and wail for a bandaid at the teeniest dot of blood)
hand sanitizer (most schools down here do not have working sinks, soap, or paper towels)
paper plates (infinitely useful for art projects and impromptu snacks and fraction circles and word family wheels)
a heavy-duty pencil sharpener that no children are allowed to use (I've gone through 3)
chocolate (for you, not them)
smarties (kids love candy and one smartie is not enough to give a sugar rush. Also, what a great name.)
stickers (for papers, incentives, tracking charts)
dry erase markers (most schools have dry erase boards and no markers. Also, they die quickly if you let kids use them.)
sparkle sticks (wooden dowels of assorted sizes with sparkly fuzzy balls hot glued on the end. Great for pointing at things like the board and big books when reading together.)
hot glue gun (it's the only thing that will make anything stick to a painted cinderblock wall in Delta humidity for more than a day)
masking tape (it's the only thing you can tape things to the whiteboard with without getting gunk left over.)
packing tape (ghetto lamination)
copy paper (for drawings and for when the school copier runs out a month into school)
comfortable shoes (the kids don't care, but you will)
popsicle sticks (for a word cup, individual pointers, calling names randomly, art projects, stirrers, etc.)
cups (for planting plants, juice, water for painting, holding manipulatives)
tupperware (for art supplies and manipulatives)
goo gone (cleans up almost everything)
broom (cleans up almost everything else)
stapler and staples
manila folders (for centers and files)
post-it notes (multiple usages, including instant graphs and quick checks)


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